Elegant design piece to mark anniversary


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first shell seat, the racing sport classic presents itself in an unusual new form: With the RECARO Office Chair, motorsport fans now have the chance to take dynamic and sportive styling from the streets directly to the workplace. 

This exclusive office chair, with side bolsters made of high-quality, perforated leather, is designed based on the successful RECARO Sportster CS model. The distinctive upholstery in houndstooth pattern, the original logo of the shell seat, and the rallye-style “50 Years” emblem on the headrest bring the 1967 RECARO Rallye back to life. 

An absolute must-have, not only for automobile enthusiasts: The elegant, retro-styled piece was fabricated as a special, limited edition of 500 units. If you want to secure your RECARO seat for the office – or are looking for an exclusive gift – you will find just the thing right in time for the pre-holiday season: This unusual anniversary seat is available for 5,550 euros (including VAT) at RECARO retailers:

Fast seat for sportive drivers


In 1967, it was the origin of racing seats approved for road use: The RECARO Rallye was the first shell seat to continue the revolution in automotive seating two years after the market launch of the first RECARO sports seat. 

Its body-contoured seat shell made of fiberglass-reinforced polyester resin met the highest standards in lightweight design and safety. RECARO also offered special features in terms of seat comfort: The Rallye was adjustable lengthways on the runners, and its seat height was adjustable at the front and rear for a variable seat angle – basic requirements for an ergonomically good seating position in the car. 

The Rallye also set standards in terms of its visual appeal: While the side panels were made of perforated Ambla leather, the center strip was available with a distinctive houndstooth pattern.

Stylish seating, not only on the go


Highest craftsmanship and unmistakable design: RECARO office products are equal to their automotive counterparts. For RECARO Automotive Seating always puts the human being at the center of its product development. Boasting the best possible ergonomic design, RECARO products have been leading the way for decades.

Thanks to their comprehensive experience and know-how, the experts at RECARO are also able to perfectly create anatomically adapted seat contours in terms of production methods and workmanship. This long-standing expertise, combined with the clear RECARO seat design, makes the RECARO Office Chair a highlight at the workplace.

The backrest of the RECARO Office Chair is adorned with the original logo of the first shell seat, the RECARO Rallye from 1967.
The anniversary seat is rounded off by the rallye-style “50 Years” emblem on the headrest.

Unique. Exclusive. Ergonomic.


They stand for unique comfort, perfect ergonomics and aesthetic design – the exclusive Performance Seats from RECARO Automotive Seating. The same applies to our products off the roadside. The RECARO Office Chair, with its clear contour, encloses the body like a second skin.

Shaped to replicate the human spine and featuring pronounced side bolsters, the seat fits like a glove – and supports the body perfectly in its upright position. Thanks to its adjustment options, it also makes movement at your desk easy – so that every seating position is ergonomic and good for your back.

Traditionally in the pole position


Innovation as tradition: RECARO sets standards – and has been doing so for more than 50 years. With premium seats that meet the highest standards in ergonomics, safety and design:

from 1906

The roots of RECARO go back to the Stuttgarter Karosseriewerk Reutter, founded in 1906 by the master saddler Wilhelm Reutter. The company produces car bodies for all well-known manufacturers, including the interior appointments. The step towards seat specialization therefore only seems logical. In 1963, REutter CAROsserie becomes the seat specialist RECARO.


RECARO develops the world’s first seat with side bolsters (first sports seat).


RECARO rallye is the first shell seat for road car use on the market. Thanks to its foam upholstery and optimum lateral hold, this revolutionary seat is also far ahead of its time in terms of comfort.


The first seat in the world with adjustable shoulder support is launched. The headrest is also celebrating its premiere – initially as an option, then as standard in every RECARO seat starting 1973.


The RECARO racing seat is unveiled, designed for the world’s touring car racing sport elite. Despite its low weight of just 6.5 kilograms – including upholstery, headrest and runners – it meets far-reaching safety requirements.


Groundbreaking innovations in terms of ergonomics are introduced to the market: These include the RECARO Airmatic System® pneumatic lumbar support, the extendable seat cushion and adjustable side bolsters on seat cushion and backrest.


For the first time, the “RECARO CSE” comfort seat is offered with a memory feature.


RECARO also sets standards when it comes to novel materials: the A8 sports seat comes with a back shell made of plastic.


The first passenger car seat (taxi seat) with the patented RECARO Vent System® for an optimized seat environment is unveiled.


A world first: the first car seat with asymmetrical adjustment is launched on the market.


Conceptual design work begins on the Maybach rear seat system in collaboration with KEIPER.


RECARO Automotive Seating launches the first racing shell licensed for road use, the Pole Position (ABE). The models in this series are among the most popular racing shells – both in motor racing and on the road – thanks to optimum support for the shoulder and lumbar areas.


RECARO becomes the first seat manufacturer to revolutionize seating design with its new lightweight composite shell design. The load-bearing seat structures made of polymer materials achieve huge weight savings and also provide more rear seat space while also offering versatile design options.


RECARO showcases its product range for OEM customers and the aftermarket at the IAA in Frankfurt: Its portfolio once again includes a commercial vehicle seat built on a modular design.


With the RECARO P 1300 GT, the brand presents a worldwide innovation that combines the highest safety standards with individual comfort: The seat shell, with its modular concept and different adapters, ensures a perfect fit that is customized to suit the driver.


The RECARO Pole Position SL is unveiled at SEMA 2017 in Las Vegas: Best lateral hold and perfect shoulder support ensure direct feedback from the track. In Europe, the company is launching the product as a limited, special edition model for the sportive driving experience on the road. Last but not least, RECARO Automotive Seating is unveiling its innovative RECARO Performance Seat Platform (RPSP) at the IAA for the first time, which excels through its modularity and numerous customizable options.

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